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B.Arch, 2016

Alek Kirchmann

Current Employment: IKM Inc.

B.Arch, 2007

Andrew Caruso

Current Employment: Hatch

B.Arch, 2012

Arthur Notaro

Current Employment: mossArchitects

B.Arch, 1994

Bruce Pollock

Current Employment: RSSC Architecture

B.Arch, 2017

Chandler Archbell

Current Employment: Kohn Penderson Fox

B.Arch, Architectural History Minor, 2017

Elizabeth Dolinar

Current Employment: DLR Group/Westlake Reed Leskosky

B.Arch, 2017

Gary Li

Current Employment: Kostow Greenwood Architects

B.Arch, Minor in Intelligent Environments, 2017

Horace Hu

Current Employment: Stantec

B.Arch, 2015

Joel McCullough

Current Employment: Gensler

B.Arch, 2017

Kayla Quinn

B.Arch, 2017

Kelsey Simpson

Current Employment: United States Navy

B.Arch, Minor In Music Theory, 2016

KwangPo Cheng

Current Employment: BLT Architects

B.Arch, 2016

Lauren Krupshaw

Current Employment: Penny Design Group LLP

BArch, Minors in Architectural History and Philosophy, 2017

Mark Terra Salamao

Current Employment: Shepley Bulfinch

B.Arch, 2017

Naomie Laguerre

B.Arch, 1995

Samantha Ciotti Falcone

Current Employment: SCF Architecture, LLC

B.Arch, 2017

Scott Holmes

Current Employment: Marmol Radziner Architects

B.Arch, 2016

Tommy Sterling

Current Employment: studioTECHNE

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